Stories Behind the Lens

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A New York State of Mind

Our New York eyeglasses frames are as bold as they come. From its striking structure to its daring size, these frames are truly unlike any other. Being from the state of New York herself, our founder, Juliette Nelson, has always been inspired by the energy and charisma of the Big Apple. Inspired by the place where people express themselves with zero regard for the status quo, the “New York” frames are for those who are their own heroes. These frames make sure you stand out, even in the largest of crowds and ensure your individuality can never be denied. A Melting[ more]
What's in a Name?

What's in a Name?

How We Name Our Frames When founder and CEO, Juliette Nelson, formed NURILENS, she wanted the eyewear collection to represent her identity, history, and background, as well as that of her friends and community. Brought up by a historian father, in a home rich with Haitian culture, a young Juliette developed a deep appreciation and love for different cultures across the globe. That led her to travel to various parts of the world, witnessing, first-hand, the cultural nuances and traditions that give each society, its own identity.  There is a story behind every frame. Each represents a place, or year,[ more]


Our 'Stories Behind the Lens' share the inspiration behind our brand and the rich history behind our designs.

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