Stories Behind the Lens

The Road to Lu

The Road to Lu

Representing wisdom, knowledge, and impact, the Lu frames bring us back to the roots of the late philosopher, Confucius and his mark on the world.
The Great Pyramids of Cairo

The Great Pyramids of Cairo

The immaculately defined shape of our Cairo frames reminds us of the thought and genius that pioneers how we build and evolve through the lens of STEM. We can't help but to reflect on the carefully crafted and built ancient pyramids, which encompass the rich history of the present-day Great Cairo Region of Egypt.
Photo by Trevor Hayes on Unsplash

A New York State of Mind

"Bold" and "unique" are some of the perfect words to describe our New York frames. Its striking structure and daring size remind us of some of the beautiful structures in the big apple. Read about the design and inspiration behind our New York frames.
What's in a Name?

What's in a Name?

Each NURILENS design represents a place, or year, rich in history and symbolic of the journeys of growth, evolution, and impact that people are meant to have in the world. Read about the inspiration behind our designs.


Our Stories Behind the Lens share the inspiration behind our brand and the rich history behind our designs.

In NURI's Optical Lab access information you'll need to know about ocular health.

As an Afro-Caribbean owned brand, NURILENS' For The Culture blog, celebrates the diversity of our community and its positive impacts.


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