Epitome of Brilliance

Epitome of Brilliance

If you are looking for a pair unique, stylish, and showstopping frames, then the Montego Bay is the perfect choice. No one can fail to notice the sophisticated chic look of this cat eye frame that represents the beauty of Montego Bay, Jamaica. These cat eyeglasses were designed with the majestic tropical islands in mind. After looking at its eye-catching silhouette and beautiful color, an unexpected resemblance to the pride of Jamaica was recognized and seen.

With its color perfectly resembling the smooth sand and its harmonious appearance, like how the ocean and the land fit together in a picture, it reminded the NURILENS team of the beauty of nature.  The elegant color of the oak wood shares the same vibe and beauty of the white sand beaches. This eye frame, representing the same brilliance and vibrancy of the beach island, was therefore named after Montego Bay.

Island of Perfection

Montego Bay is the second-largest city in Jamaica. When Christopher Columbus settled on the island of Jamaica in May 1494, he named it “El Golfo De Buen Tiempo” meaning the “Gulf of the Fair Weather.” By the year 1510, the city earned the Spanish name “Bahía de Manteca” as Spaniards settled at the Fort and began exporting pig’s lard to their fellow colonies in the West and South America, hence the English name of “Butter’s Bay” or “Bay of Lard.” Eventually, the residing people renamed the island as Montego Bay which is said to be derived from the Spanish term “Manteca” that means lard.

This wonderful tropical city and island has a long and colorful history after Spanish colonialization. When the British invaders successfully forced Spanish settlers out of the island, they built the Parish of St James. The city soon reached an era of grand buildings and sugar plantations but ended quickly because of natural disasters. As time passed, Montego Bay rose to prosperity where ports, hotels, local homes, and vacation spots were built, leading to Jamaica’s huge development. It became home to numerous cruise ships when the Montego Freeport was built, which invited more interested visitors and tourists. 

Montego Bay is also famous to tourists as Mobay. If you are looking for a beautiful, paradise-like tourist spot with the perfect humidity and temperature, this tropical bay is the perfect destination to have unforgettable experiences. Its famous white sand beaches, relaxing and fantastic resorts, and gorgeous shores are the best sights to see, such as the infamous Doctor’s Cave, one of Jamaica’s attractions for tourists and locals. Montego Bay also has two world-class golf courses, White Witch’s Rose Hall and Tryall.  It is also the perfect place for beach activities and recreational events, which can help you create and live the best memories, pictures, experiences, and stories.

The Frames of Magnificence

When we hear the words “Brilliance” and “Perfection”, the Montego Bay eye frames definitely come to mind. These eyeglasses are our best sellers with reason as they leave great impressions on those who wear them and see them. The frame itself is made of oak and acetate and ensures its durability, lightness, and beauty. 

These eye frames fit perfectly and look admirably on any face shape. The colors are vibrant and beautiful enough to make a perfect contrast in any skin color, just like the rich contrast and combination of white sand and deep blue ocean. The cat eyeglass design is trendy and could fit any outfit, whether you are going formal, semi-formal, or casual. Take your looks to the next level with these chic and elegant eyeglasses, which will never fail you to get a lot of sweet compliments.

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