How To Care and Maintain Your Frames

How To Care and Maintain Your Frames

NURILENS' hand-crafted wooden frames are made from biodegradable materials that allow them to be sustainably produced and environmentally friendly.

Over time, our frames can show some wear and tear from being exposed to different environments and conditions. Here are some pointers to keep your frames in tip-top shape!


Wipe them down after each use. Our skin releases various oils and sweat throughout the day, and these substances can affect the wood if they come into contact with it. To prevent this, we recommend wiping down your frames, particularly on the nose-pad and temples (the parts that go on your ears), with a soft cloth after a busy day of wear. This simple step can help to extend the life of your eyewear and keep them looking their best.

Keep them cool. Wood expands when due to high temperatures. To keep your frames intact, we suggest not exposing them to extreme temperatures for an extended period of time. You can still wear them out in the sun, but any unnecessary exposure to heat is not advised.

Keep them dry. Our frames are coated with a sealant layer to help prevent them from decaying. To help avoid unwanted rotting of your wooden frames we suggest keeping them from contacting liquids whenever able. If they do get wet, drying them off as soon as possible will help prevent the liquid from penetrating into the wooden layers.


These listed tips are only a few ways to care for your wooden frames. Regular maintenance of your frames should be adjusted according to the type of lifestyle that you live.

For added maintenance, feel free to check out our wood polish and organic eyeglass lens cleaner.

From extreme use to just occasional use, we hope our frames allow you to see well, and look good too!