The Road to Lu

The Road to Lu

    The Lu frames were designed with subtlety yet class in mind. Whether they come in the rich brown ebony wood or the striking silver oak, these stunning wooden frames gives a level of confidence that you can learn and evolve. The name of the design itself, Lu, reflects the subtle yet strong impact that wisdom brings when it knocks at your front door.  Lu is the place where seeds of greatness were planted for Confucius, who would have a global impact on how people interact with themselves, their families, and their community.

    Roots of Wisdom

    Confucius was born in Lu, China, a city founded in 11th century BC and a peasant and vassal state during the Zhou dynasty of ancient China. Outside of Confucius, Lu is also home to the great Chinese philosopher, Mozi, another prominent figure in Chinese history, culture, and philosophy. At a point, Lu was one of the strongest states in the region, and under the leadership of Duke Yin and Duke Huan, it fought and defeated other powerful dynasties. 

    Lu, now modern-day Shandong Province in China, continues to be known for its significant cultural influence during its time. Even while Lu has ceased to exist, its legacy remains through the late Confucius, a teacher, political theorist, and philosopher, whose ideas influenced the civilization of China and many other East Asian countries.

    Confucius is credited with his contribution of many of Chinese classic texts. His philosophies are often believed to have laid the foundations for modern-day Chinese political views and interpersonal dynamics. The five key principles he taught were based on (1) knowledge (2) being honest and upright (3) exhibiting benevolence and humanity toward others, (4) working with integrity, and (5) displaying propriety and good behavior. These principles set the precedent for emerging schools of thought and philosophies that would be developed by subsequent teachers and philosophers around the world.

    The Road to Lu

    The impact that Confucius has had on the world represents the potential that human beings have to be impactful and wise in the gifts they share with the world. The Lu frames are a light fit for a casual or dressy occasion yet produce a lasting impact. They are the perfect look for the office, lab, or classroom, all spaces crafted for innovation, learning, and evolution.

    One of Confucius’ more famous teachings was that “It does not matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop.” Additionally, the name "Lu" is Chinese for road. It surely aligns with the calling to “See through the Lens of your Purpose” and stay the course as you navigate living in your purpose.  Wooden glasses frames such as the Lu are therefore a reminder of the wisdom that you can pass on to others based on the many gems you have picked up along your life’s learning journey as Confucius did.

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