Traces from Childhood

Traces from Childhood

The Elwood City frames were designed with childhood nostalgia in mind. For the NURILENS team, these big round eyeglasses brought back memories of rushing home from elementary school to watch Arthur Timothy Read on PBS Kids, who wore a similar-looking pair. This stylish eye frame made from Zebrawood and Ebony material is reminiscent of great childhood memories, lessons, and Arthur’s inspirational journey.

With Elwood City being the main setting of all the adventures that Arthur has experienced, the frames give recognition to these lessons, memories, and impact on the NURILENS team.


Bringing a Fictional Character to Life

Arthur Timothy Read is the protagonist of the famous television and book series, Arthur. It is the longest-running kids' television series that has been airing for 24 years since its first debut in October of 1996.  The show is still airing on PBS KIDS and continues to capture the interest of its viewers because of its interesting episodes, characters, and educational, life-inspiring lessons. Like the style of Elwood City frame, Arthur is often seen wearing big, brown, round glasses complementing his sweaters and complexion.

Arthur’s life journey has been full of wanders and important lessons bringing new insights to adults and children. Despite being fictional, Arthur could be said to display a real-life personality. In the show, he is portrayed as having a lot of interests and skills, including playing the piano, reading books, and playing sports such as baseball. His family is one of the main highlights of the entire series, sharing inspirational family lessons.  He is the son of two working parents: David Read who works as a chef and manages their catering business at home, and Jane Read, who works as an accountant. He has two younger sisters, D.W. and Kate Read, and a family dog, Pal. Arthur also has interesting friends that display real-life experiences. For instance, Buster Baxter, Arthur's best friend, is a character whose life represents a child's experience growing up with divorced parents. His character also makes an impression of a person with poor habits and personality yet needing kindness and validation.

Arthur’s experiences with his family, friends, and classmates take place in their small town, Elwood City, the neighborhood from which the frames derived its name. As if to strengthen the realistic approach of the series, Elwood City is said to be in Pennsylvania with references to Mill Creek Mall where the creator and author of the series, Marc Brown, lived. Elwood City also has a resemblance to Boston, a large suburban city.

The series depicts many valuable lessons to learn from, varying from the importance of friendships, enlightenment about certain issues, a love for books, and deepening relationships with family and friends. While it is entertaining for kids, Arthur’s adventures and life journeys also depict real-life experiences that people of all ages could relate to and learn from. The series will reach its final and 25th season by the winter of 2022, but the lessons it has brought over will remain alive to inspire its viewers.



Frame with Lessons and Memories

The Elwood City frames are one of the best eyewear frames online that can suit any style, from vintage to modern outfits. These glasses frames are great for both men and women. They are perfect for all-day wear and use while also helping to correct and protect your vision.

Like Arthur’s glasses, the big and round shape and size accentuate one’s eyes and facial features. With color options in the brown with light-colored streaks made from Ebony wood or the cream-colored shaded Zebrawood, whether you’re wearing formal or semi-formal outfits down to streetwear styles, this frame can perfectly complement your fashion sense. Each style comes with a unique appearance and is an excellent piece to add to your attire.

The Elwood City eyewear frames resemble all the memories and learnings gained from the Arthur series. It’s the perfect pair to show your inner personality by expressing who you are, your colorful experiences, and the influences that have contributed to your growth and development as Arthur’s character has had for many.

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