Gazes of History

Gazes of History

Wearing eyeglasses is more fashionable and amazing when it carries a significant meaning behind it. The 1804 frames are a NURILENS customer favorite and best seller. They symbolically carry the unforgettable day when Haiti gained independence from France. These frames made from Kevazingo wood and metal represent renaissance, freedom, and rebirth on top of their absolute elegance and stunning appearance.

Named after the momentous date of Haiti’s independence on January 1, 1804, these frames are made from sturdy material known for its strength and beauty, Kevazingo wood. They are wonderfully crafted with Haitian culture in mind, while also bearing the pride of igniting the fire within other nations colonized by Europe throughout the Caribbean and America. This led Haiti to become a ray of hope for freedom in the Americas during the nineteenth century.

The 1804 frames symbolize the strength and support that Haitians gave to other revolutions. As the first independent Black republic, Haiti inspired countless fights for freedom throughout the world. The strong will and desire of the Haitian people resemble the sturdiness and strong appearance of these magnificent frames.

A Past Recollection

In December of 1492, the island Hispaniola was first colonized by Christopher Columbus who dedicated it to the two Spanish monarchs, Ferdinand and Isabella. Haiti, one of the two countries on the island, occupies a western third of it and was considered as “The Pearl of the Antilles” during European colonization.

The French settlers called their first territory on the island, Saint-Domingue. It became France’s richest colony in the eighteenth century as people from Westerns parts of African were imported as slaves  to produce raw goods such as sugar and coffee. These goods supported France’s economic power as Haiti produced half of all imported sugar and coffee in the whole continent of Europe.

The Haitian revolution was considered one of the largest and most successful revolutions and slave rebellions in history. The revolt led by the former slave, Toussaint Louverture, began in 1791 when the slave workers decided to burn the plantations owned by French colonizers. He trained his army in the tactics of guerrilla warfare and had Jean-Jacques Dessalines as his lieutenant and trusted ally during the revolution.

When Toussaint Louverture died in 1803, Dessalines and the other leaders led the rebellion and ultimately won, putting an end to the French rule and cruel slavery. On January 01, 1804, Jean-Jacques Dessalines became the governor-general and the first ruler of the newly independent country. He then proclaimed the independence of Saint-Domingue, renaming it Haiti.


The Historical Lenses

The word “Remarkable” suits the best description for the 1804 frames. If you are interested in appearance and quality, these eye frames offer the best compliment for any face shape. The perfect wooden color also radiates a fresh vibe perfect for both genders, and it’s ideal for any occasion. It is stylish, lightweight, and versatile in style.

NURILENS’ 1804 frames are available with either blue-light blocking, sun-adaptive, or polarized sunglass lenses, which will help you protect your vision against harmful UV rays. The lenses are also scratch and water resistant making them long-lasting and superb.

Like its beautiful and symbolic name, the 1804 frames are remarkable as they highlight your best features when worn and is perfect for any skin complexion. They undoubtedly have a great design that would be perfect for any fashion style. This pair of frames screams elegance and beauty also leaves a strong impression as how Haiti displayed its strong will to gain independence for itself and other countries.

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