Festivities of Carnival

Festivities of Carnival

The best pieces of eyewear completely bring out the inner excitement and energy of the person. NURILENS’ Port of Spain frames are a unique, stylish looking pair inspired by the famous capital of Trinidad & Tobago perfectly made to match an outgoing and great personality. Inspired by the well-known Carnival event in the Caribbean, the Port of Spain frames are cat eye glasses made from ice wood that gives off a white to light brown furnish with beautiful brown streaks. The overall look has its pop of color, a bold and fashionable appearance, while also sitting lightly and comfortably in the face.

The Port of Spain frames share the same special evoking-feelings of Carnival that could make anyone’s heart flutter. Carnival, as a celebration, brings joyful emotions comparable to the idea and essence of the frames.

Home of Carnival

Officially named the City of Port of Spain, the second-largest city in Trinidad and Tobago is famous for its tapestry of cultures that maintains great admiration. While the city has the pride of its beautiful cityscapes and entertainment, it also has a rich history behind it.

Port of Spain was once called the ‘Harbor of Spain’ or ‘Puerto d’España’. It was once inhabited by American Indian people before Spanish settlers took over. The island suffered a lot to the extent that the inhabitants of Trinidad and Tobago had to protect the island by spreading bad rumors to keep it safe. By 1962, Trinidad and Tobago finally reached its independence establishing the place we all know today. Port of Spain, as the capital, not only houses the famous Carnival celebration but is also the home of many skyscrapers such as the Nicholas Tower, the world’s largest traffic roundabout—the Queen’s Park Savannah, and the Royal Botanic Garden considered as one of the oldest botanic gardens in the world.


The Spectacular Festival

Port of Spain’s Carnival celebration is a grand two-day festival starting from Monday before Ash Wednesday. The celebration holds multiple festivities where people join and witness various spectacular events such as street parades of steel bands, beautifully costumed performers, and carnival bands that have as many as 3,000 masqueraders organized into sections led by Carnival Kings and Queens.

People often start celebrating the big event a few weeks before the main street parade. Several cultural shows and parties are held on weekends. There are also competitions anticipated by everyone such as the Panorama, an international steelpan competition, Selection of King and Queen Monarch, and Calypso Monarch which are just some of the anticipated highlights of the Carnival.

Port of Spain’s Carnival started during slavery when slaves were banned from attending their masters’ balls, leading to them improvising their own party. Since then, these festivities have become one of the most anticipated celebrations by many people in Trinidad and Tobago to honor Western Christian and Greek Orthodox culture. Additionally, Carnival is also celebrated in islands across the Caribbean.

The capital of Trinidad and Tobago is a city of culture, happiness, and great events that everyone must at least experience in their lifetime. Port of Spain is the best place for anyone who is looking for excitement, memorable experience, and fun memories.


From a Festive Lens

The Port of Spain frames are beautiful pair of cat-eyeglasses that sit light, comfortable, and magnificent on the face. They bring a chic and stylish overall look when worn, while also maintaining a professional impression. It is also sustainable and durable as it is made from ice wood. This pair is perfect for those who want to add something new and unique, yet a very modern style to their appearance regardless of any occasions.

Wearing this also lets you exude confidence, while preserving your vision as it can come with blue-light filtering lenses that are also scratch resistant, water resistant, and anti-reflective. Depending on your preference and needs, you can also get these frames with blue light filter, sun-adaptive, or sunglass lens features. The Port of Spain frames are a statement piece call out an inner excitement and energy from people as its inspiration, Port of Spain.

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