What's in a Name?

What's in a Name?

How We Name Our Frames

When founder and CEO, Juliette Nelson, formed NURILENS, she wanted the eyewear collection to represent her identity, history, and background, as well as that of her friends and community. Brought up by a historian father, in a home rich with Haitian culture, a young Juliette developed a deep appreciation and love for different cultures across the globe. That led her to travel to various parts of the world, witnessing, first-hand, the cultural nuances and traditions that give each society, its own identity. 

There is a story behind every frame. Each represents a place, or year, rich in history and symbolic of the journeys of growth, evolution, and impact that people are meant to have in the world. Let’s take a deeper look.

Cat Eye (Caribbean Culture)

These frames are an embodiment of the Caribbean culture, and everything that makes it so exuberant and beautiful. Being a proud child of Native-Haitian parents, Juliette is often reminded, not only of the stories of strength, triumph, and courage that encompass islands throughout the Caribbean, but also the music, life, and art that makes them so unique. 

No matter where in the Caribbean you travel to, you can expect to experience beautiful weather, electrifying music, awesome people, and great vibes. And that’s what our cat eyeglasses are all about!

Rectangle (STEM)

Most of what makes our lives convenient and worth living in the 21st century relies on some application of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). A world without STEM would mean no laptops, no talking to your best friend seven seas away, no remote work, and no reading this post on your smartphone. 

Remember the days, 10 or 20 years ago when you couldn’t be on the phone and the internet at the same time? Or when you visited the city with your friends to see the tall buildings, and cruise the empty streets at night? What about the science projects that we all did in elementary school?

Everyone’s memories of using technology, math or science might either bring nostalgia or angst, but there’s no denying that without STEM, the world, as we know it, just would not exist. 


Browline (Freedom & Independence)

So many powerful and influential leaders, that fought for freedom, independence, and the power of knowledge, wore a pair of Browline frames. From Malcolm X to former Haitian President Duvalier, we see the quest for freedom of thought, expression, and liberation from the institutions or ideas holding us back. 

We take freedom for granted, but it is so precious and invaluable. This line of frames represents those movements that encouraged and propagated freedom of thought, expression, and enlightenment. 

Wayframe (Philosophy)

Life is a constant journey of questioning yourself, discovering new things, and always adding to your knowledge. Throughout human history, different ideologies have had profound impacts on the way we think today. Inspired by various philosophies and schools of thought, this line of frames represents our impulse to always think outside the box. 


Round (Fictional Cities)

Curiosity is what sparks our imagination and allows us to bring our artistic or scientific ideas to life. So many great things, over the course of history, have happened because people were curious. They wanted to know more, and they spent their entire lives feeding into their curiosities. Be it Einstein, Alexander Fleming, or Albert Camus, great people, across different disciplines, did great things, only because they were curious. 

By exploring our creativity, we are able to transcend fully into stories and worlds that are not our own. This line of frames represents the joy of our childhood and reminds us to always remain young, carefree, and curious. 



Square (Urban Cities)

The bigger the city, the higher the stakes. Bustling with energy and endless opportunities, urban cities act as a global hub for all human interaction. The bold square lenses in this line of frames are equipped with a large enough lens to capture the essence of the entire city, and still allow you to stand out amongst the crowd. 

NURILENS frames allow you to proclaim your identity and cultural affiliations to the rest of the world. What you wear, defines who you are, so choose wisely!

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