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A New York State of Mind

Our New York eyeglasses frames are as bold as they come. From its striking structure to its daring size, these frames are truly unlike any other. Being from the state of New York herself, our founder, Juliette Nelson, has always been inspired by the energy and charisma of the Big Apple. Inspired by the place where people express themselves with zero regard for the status quo, the “New York” frames are for those who are their own heroes. These frames make sure you stand out, even in the largest of crowds and ensure your individuality can never be denied.

A Melting Pot

If there is one phrase that truly captures the essence of New York, it’s “melting pot”. A place where thousands of ethnicities, nationalities, and cultures intertwine. A place where over 800 languages are spoken. A place where hundreds of small communities live and thrive, practicing their own norms, and embracing their own identities.

New York is a place where everyone is welcome. People don’t have to forego their cultural or religious affiliations when moving or living there. Anyone and everyone can establish themselves without having to do anything they don’t want to. You will find some of the best Italian restaurants there, with Pizza that takes you all the way to Naples. Chinese and Asian food places are also spread across the city. And some would agree that there are more French restaurants in New York than in Paris.

Few cities are as multicultural as New York City, with over 36% of the population being foreign-born, and almost a quarter of its residents being immigrants. Regardless of where you work, or what you do for fun, you are bound to encounter people from different continents and different religious beliefs. The reason is that there is an environment of open-acceptance in New York and New York City, which allows people to be truly free, and proud of who they are. People are not undermined because of their gender, they are not banished because of their belief in a different God, and they are not ridiculed just because they don’t see things like everyone else does.


The Frames That Let You Be YOU

When designing glasses that would represent her home, Juliette turned directly to the busy city to find her inspiration. Just like the Big Apple where you cannot cut corners to succeed, the New York frames give you a wide perspective within a beautifully crafted square frame. Their particular square structure also symbolizes the grid-like street layout that can be found all across the city. From street to street, your individuality will be highlighted for the world to see. You can be your own person, find your own purpose, set your own goals, chase your own dreams, and celebrate your life, the way YOU want to.

In a city where people dream big, these large frames allow you to never miss a beat. Your vision will never be hindered as you are allowed to see through our blue-light blocking lenses and express yourself with confidence and character.


Shop our New York frames today and be the next big thing in the Big Apple!

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