Protecting Your Eyes at Work

Protecting Your Eyes at Work

For many people, we spend most of our days at work. Even with the shift toward working in the virtual workspace for some and building other streams of income for others, there is no doubt that a lot of our time is dedicated to work. **Cue Rihanna’s song**.  No matter the type of work we do, whether it is in the office, lab, warehouse, or construction site, maintaining healthy practices to protect our vision is still critical. As a matter of fact, job-related eye injuries account for 2,000 cases daily according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. In recognition of Workplace Eye Awareness Month, let’s consider how eye wellness ties into the workplace.

Screen Time

Let’s start with the obvious; working from home has significantly increased the time spent in front of a screen. Instead of in-person meetings, we now use teleconference platforms, such as Zoom and Google Meet to stay in touch. Even for individuals who do not work from home or in the office, in their lines of work, interacting with screens is inevitable. For example, if you work in a lab or hospital, you’re still susceptible to consuming blue light in the workplace. As mentioned in some of our previous blogs, too much time in front of a screen may contribute to digital eye strain also known as computer vision syndrome, in which pain or pressure can be experienced around the eyeballs. Using blue-light filters or blue light blocking eyewear becomes important in these cases.

Flying Objects

Working in construction, welding, landscaping, car mechanics, or similar jobs, workers often deal with objects or particles that can strike the eyes, sometimes causing irreversible damage. Some examples of these objects can include nails, wood, dust, debris, or cement that can result from wind, a fall, or tools. Contact with the eyes can cause significant damage to one’s eyeball or eye socket. In these cases, wearing protective googles or eyewear is imperative to protecting your eyes and avoiding a major accident.


There’s a famous quote that says, “If you can’t stand the heat, get out the kitchen”. Well at NURILENS, we’d say, “If there is any heat, wear protective googles”. Working as a chef or in a field that deals with fire or chemicals without protection as contact can result in damage as bad as corneal melting or even blindness. Hot oils or liquids can also contribute to causing similar damage to the eyes.

Working Outdoors

If you work outdoors, one thing is for sure, exposure to the sun can cause damage to your eyes. We’d previously mentioned blue light that can be emitted from the electronic devices we use, but the sun is responsible for producing and putting out even more blue light. Whether you cut grass, manage valet parking, or work at an amusement park, you still hold the risk of sustaining damage to your eyes from an overexposure to the sun. Wearing protective goggles or other eyewear with tints becomes important in protecting our eyes from any blue light or harmful ultraviolet rays emitted from the sun.

No matter your line of work, ensuring you are protecting your eyes is key. Remember to stay on top of your annual eye doctor appointment to remain proactive on any issues that might arise. Check out our collection of wood frame sunglasses and prescription eyeglasses.

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