CEO and President Dr. Juliette Nelson (left) and Vice President Karl Florestal (right)

Unveiling NURILENS' State of the Eye Survey


In a world where our eyes are the windows to our experiences, the importance of understanding and nurturing eye health cannot be overstated. At NURILENS, we are thrilled to introduce our groundbreaking "State of the Eye" survey, a comprehensive exploration into the realms of eye health, overall well-being, and your experiences as valued patients in the eye care field. Your voices are not just heard but celebrated as instrumental in shaping the future of eye care. 

Take a moment to share your experiences and insights by participating in the State of the Eye.

Why Your Voice Matters: This survey isn't just about data; it's about you. Your experiences, insights, and feedback provide a wealth of information that goes beyond statistics. By participating, you contribute to a collective effort to enhance the optical experience for all. From your daily eye care routines to your interactions with eye care professionals, every response is a crucial building block in creating a future where eye health is prioritized and understood.

Confidentiality and Privacy Assurance: We understand the importance of privacy when it comes to personal health information. Rest assured, your responses will be handled with the utmost care and confidentiality. Our commitment to ethical data use means that your privacy is a top priority for us. Feel confident in sharing your experiences, as each response contributes to a robust and anonymous pool of insights that will benefit everyone.

When to Expect Results: The anticipation is part of the excitement! We plan to share our overall findings from the survey with the public at the beginning of 2024. This transparent approach ensures that the insights gathered are not just for us but for the benefit of everyone. Empowered by your feedback, we aim to make informed decisions about eye health that resonate with the diverse needs of our community.

Connect with NURILENS on the VISIONURI Podcast: For an in-depth exploration of the State of the Eye survey and its impact, tune in to our VISIONURI podcast. In this episode, we discuss the survey, its objectives, and how your participation can contribute to the evolution of eye care. Listen now at VISIONURI Podcast.

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