NURILENS 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

NURILENS 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

This time of year is quite special for the NURILENS team. Not only is it a time when we celebrate NURILENS’ first launch birthday, but it’s that time of year when we get into the holiday spirit as well as the best time to support small businesses. At NURILENS, we know the importance of community support and patronage, and we invite you to join us in supporting small businesses in your community and beyond that are making a difference and impact with innovative products. With that being said, we have curated a collection of some black and latinx owned brands and their products that give us all of the holiday feels. They also make the perfect gift for a friend, associate, or loved one this holiday season.

NURILENS | Handcrafted Wooden Eyewear |

 First stop, NURILENS. A celebration of identity, culture, and purpose, NURILENS’ handmade wooden eyeglass frames are bold and timeless. Our frames come with blue-light blocking lenses in eyeglasses and polarized lenses in our sunglasses to ensure added protection for your vision. This is the perfect holiday gift for an eyeglass wearer or fashion enthusiast, adding a touch of function, fashion, and purpose to one’s style.

228 Grant Street | Candles |

This handcrafted candle company pay an homage to heartwarming memories of hospitality, light, and kindness, which serve as an inspiration for the birth of this brand. 228 Grant street produces aromas inspired by nature and travel, including combinations such as Amber + Sandalwood, and Ginger + Lime. This is the perfect gift for your friend or loved one that appreciates the beautiful scents and aromas that nature has to offer. 


J. Moss Winery | Wine |  

This winery brings a special touch to the holidays. With flavors from Napa Valley appellations J. Moss Winery produces high quality, handcrafted rich flavors that are the perfect gift for wine drinkers and connoisseurs.

Midunu Chocolates | Africa Inspired Chocolates | 

This brand brings us the rich taste of Cocoa with a taste from Ghana, which is known for its quality cocoa. Midunu brings an artisanal handcrafted touch to their chocolates combining flavors that highlight the richness of the continent of Africa. There’s no better way to gift a box of chocolates than to add a hint of African heritage to it.

Monrowe | Unisex Brimmed Hats |

Monrowe’s brimmed hats surely speak volumes. They are inspired by styles from the Jazz music and culture in the 1940s and 50s while bringing modern shapes and elements to ones style. This is the perfect gift to add an additional touch of style to someone’s wardrobe this holiday season.

Dechase | Handcrafted Shoes | 

A great pair of shoes can take you on the most memorable adventures and journeys and Dechase does just that. These handcrafted shoes are made of rich material from Ethiopia to produce a modern and comfortable vibe. They represent diversity, sustainability, and African heritage as the core of the brand. This is the perfect holiday gift to add to your contemporary fashion enthusiast’s wardrobe.

TWTOTE | Lunch Totes | 

The days of going to work with your lunch in a brown paper bag are over. These insulated professional lunch totes are the perfect solution to keeping preserving your lunch during the day. Each bag is named with inspiration from the rich cultures of the Caribbean from which the founders are from. The TWTOTE is a great gift for the working professional.


Xinú Perfumes | Perfumes and Scented Products |

Give the gift of looking good, feeling good, and smelling good this holiday season and Xinú is the perfect stop for you. With its nature inspired scents, this Mexican company captures the beauty and wholeness of the Americas. From perfumes, to home scents and skin products, Xinú is the perfect gift for someone who enjoys wonderful scents.


Be Rooted | Inclusive Stationary| 

This stationary brand screams inclusion and representation for black women, and we love to see it! Their journals, planners and other stationary serves the purpose of creating spaces for black women share their thoughts and evolve. This brand is a celebration of culture, self-reflection, and identity. This is the perfect holiday gift to remind your female friend, associate or loved one that you appreciate them just as they are. 

Enagancio | African-Inspired Professional Dress |

Sophistications + Style + Boss Vibes = Enagancio. With styles inspired by African patterns and art, this clothing brand captures the essence of the modern-day woman. From its bold suits to its striking dresses, Enagancio is the perfect go to this holiday season to remind a woman of her power, freedom, roots, and influence.

A Few Wood Men | Timepieces for Men | 

If you haven’t noticed yet, we love us some wooden products and A Few Wood Men definitely hits the mark. Their timepieces affirm and celebrate black men for who they are and all that they are purposed to be on this earth. Their watches, bracelets, and accessories speak sophistication and class. This is the perfect gift to affirm the man in your life for the holidays.

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