Celebrating Black Business Month

Celebrating Black Business Month

The month of August is dedicated to Black Business month and we celebrate every black business owner making strides in the community with their creativity, work, and innovation. At the same time, we recognize and identify with the challenges that Black business owners still face in gaining brand recognition and equal access to funding and resources as our counterparts. The United States Census reported an approximate 5.7% growth in black-owned businesses in the United States year over year. Yet, even with Black and African-American people making up about 14% of the United States population, Black-owned businesses only account for approximately 2.3% of all American businesses. ​​

Investing in and supporting Black-owned businesses represents an investment in communities that are often overlooked and underrepresented as well as a recognition of the diversity of thought and innovation that contributes to economic growth and social impact. 

After a summer full of pop-ups and connecting with our customers in person, we would be remiss not to acknowledge how proud we are to have networked with other Black business owners. It fills us with pride to see how black entrepreneurs make an impact in various industries with their diversity of product and service offerings. We would like to highlight some of the brands that we connected with this year and gave us the coolest vibes. 


Sulit Candle Co. 

There is nothing like being surrounded by fresh and pleasing scents, and Sulit Candle Co. does just that. Founded with the intention of offering a more natural alternative to traditional candles, Sulit is an expression of founder, Tatiana Tilus’, creativity and personality, which also align with our values at NURILENS. The candles in the collection offer a range of scents including sweet, earthy, and seasonal all while remaining free of paraffin wax, color additives and phthalates. They are the perfect fresh-smelling accent to your home.


Health and wellness have increasingly become critical parts of our lives. We want to consume products that makes us look and feel good, and Orijin does just that. A family and women-owned company, Orijin uses natural oils and hydrosols to create skincare solutions that address a variety of needs. Our favorite product in their line, the hibiscus powder, is a cleansing solution that cleans pores and rejuvenates the skin. As a brand that sells a product that highlights the face, NURILENS gives our seal of approval! 


Island Boiz Cuisine 

There is nothing like a good meal with fresh ingredients and flavors. Island Boiz Cuisine does just that! This DMV-based catering company offers a variety of Caribbean-inspired dishes that come with all of the sweet and savory flavors reminding us of home. Being Afro-Caribbean-owned ourself, Island Boiz gives all of the flavor that our taste buds need. 

Global Blacks Department Store

We are going international for this special one. Global Black Department Store was created with the intention of creating an in-person shopping experience for customers looking to shop Black-owned brand. You can find a wide variety of products including apparel, books, accessories, and health products. Global Blacks also hosts pop-up events highlighting the brands in their store and allow brand owners to connect with customers. If you visit, you may even bump into a unqiue eyewear collection that might pique your interest. **hint hint**
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