The “Why” Behind It All

Why Wood?

All of our frames and cases are designed with wooden craftsmanship in mind. Our usage of wood is inspired by its spiritual meaning of growth, knowledge, and wisdom. Given our mission of empowering people to achieve the highest standard of their purpose, wood becomes symbolic of that evolution. 

Our frames have been crafted with layered wood and therefore are harder to break. For our cases, they are designed to resemble treasure chests. In striving to achieve purpose, we intend for our customer to open up a treasure, being the NURILENS cases, in which they enjoy an experience that allows them to See Through the Lens of Their Purpose.

The “Why” Behind Our Lenses

We understand the challenges that eyeglass wearers face in trying to find a stylish pair of frames with quality lenses. Obtaining lenses with different features to enhance the quality often prove to be expensive and sometimes come with hidden costs. For this reason, our lenses are manufactured with quality and cost effectiveness in mind.

Our lenses are made out of MR-7 plastic which makes them impact (or scratch) resistant. They are manufactured to ensure more accurate prescriptions, improve sharpness, and minimize the adjustment time for new prescriptions. The key feature of our lenses is their blue-light blocking functionality, in which they filter blue-light from electronic devices. To learn more about the effects of blue-light read our recent White Paper Publication.

Other features include:

  • High-Index of 1.67: A lens’ index refers to how thin or thick it is. Lenses tend to be thicker with stronger prescriptions. NURILENS’ lenses, therefore come with a high-index feature that ensures that fit nicely in the frames, no matter how strong our customers’ prescriptions are.
  • Superhydrophobic: This means that our lenses are water and oil resistant making them easier to clean.
  • UV Protectant: The lenses come with a protective layer that blocks off various types of light, including blue-light, from impacting the eyes. This UV-420 protectant is similar to what is found on sunglasses, but our lenses provide similar protection but with a non-tinted view.