Au Naturel Eyeglass Lens Cleaner & Wood Polish Bundle

Au Naturel Eyeglass Lens Cleaner & Wood Polish Bundle

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Au Naturel Eyeglass Lens Cleaner

Keep your lenses clear and clean with our organic eyeglass lens cleaner. Made of eucalyptus hydrosol and steam distilled from fresh plants, the lack of harsh chemicals from this cleaning spray reduces the risk of skin or eye irritation.

Features: Herbal, Non-Toxic, Streak Free, Alcohol-Free, Ammonia-Free

Ingredients: Eucalyptus Hydrosol + Steam distilled from fresh plants

Size: 4 fl. oz (120 ml)

Directions for Use: Hold 1-2 inches away from the lens and spray the solution on its surface. Gently wipe the lens with a cloth until it is clean and dry.

Manufactured by RAGARDEN® exclusively for NURILENS.


Au Naturel Wood Polish

Keep your wood eyewear frames in good condition with our wood polish. Made of natural ingredients, it serves as a barrier against liquids and sweat and reduces the chance of skin or eye irritation.

Ingredients: Beeswax + Food grade mineral oil

Directions for Use: Using a soft clean cloth, apply a small amount of wood polish to the frames. Rub it in a circular motion, allow to sit for a couple of minutes, then wipe off the excess. Repeat weekly or as often as needed.

Size: 2oz


Single Vision: Used for all day wear and use. It helps correct nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia), and astigmatisms.

Progressive Vision: Also known as multifocal lenses, the need for multiple glasses is eliminated because they include 2-3 prescriptions in one lens. This allows for near-distance activities like reading a book, intermediate for using a computer, or distance for driving.

What needs to be included on your prescription?

Customer's Name
Optometrist Name, Contact Information, & Signature
Prescription O.S/O.D (Right/Left)
Pupillary Distance
Expiration Date
Add (Only used for progressive vision)
Per NURILENS’ prescription policy, we only process prescriptions that are within 2 years old. They must come from the entity that conducted your eye exam to ensure an accurate processing of your prescription. NURILENS will review your prescription for accuracy.

In the case that it is older than 2 years or you have selected the wrong prescription type, we will contact you to provide an updated prescription or the required additional fee within 30 days otherwise, your order will be cancelled with a refund issued.

NURILENS' hand crafted wooden frames are made from biodegradable materials that allow them to be sustainably produced and environmentally friendly.

Over time, our frames can show some wear and tear from being exposed to different environments and conditions. Here are some pointers to keep your frames in tip-top shape!


    • Wipe them down. Throughout the day our skin releases various oils and sweat. To help prevent the wood from reacting to these chemicals we suggest wiping down your frames with a soft cloth after a busy day of use.
    • Keep them cool. Wood expands when due to high temperatures. To keep your frames intact, we suggest not exposing them to extreme temperatures for an extended period of time. You can still wear them out in the sun, but any unnecessary exposure to heat is not advised.
    • Keep them dry. Our frames are coated with a sealant layer to help prevent them from decaying. To help avoid unwanted rotting of your wooden frames we suggest keeping them from contacting liquids whenever able. If they do get wet, drying them off as soon as possible will help prevent the liquid from penetrating into the wooden layers.


These listed tips are only a few ways to care for your wooden frames. Regular maintenance of your frames should be adjusted according to the type of lifestyle that you live. From extreme use to just occasional use, we hope our frames allow you to see well, and look good too!
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