About Us


NURILENS was formed by Chief Executive Officer, Juliette Nelson, with the purpose of providing added value to the students and professionals that she serves. As a business professional, doctoral student, and entrepreneur, Juliette understands the challenges faced by those who spend hours in front of their television screens. She needed something that would reduce the stress on her eyes but also leaving her feeling confident. Coupling that need with her love for unique glasses, she put pen to paper and started working on a few sketches that would evolve into the NURILENS eyewear collection.

NURILENS is a subsidiary of JuNuri, LLC and operates in the DC Metropolitan area. Learn more about JUNURI.


Our mission is to create a seamless and long-lasting customer optical experience for diverse audiences, that encourages self-expression, and the pursuit of vision by combining style, sustainability, and affordability.


We envision purpose-oriented people who are empowered to express their identity, history, and culture, with visibility, performance, and fashion, all through a pair of eyewear.


We believe that the experience of buying a pair of eyewear goes beyond the simple functionality of the frames and lenses. Each of our customers comes with a unique story and purpose to fulfill in their lives, and their eyewear should allow them to do just that. We are, therefore, committed to fostering a customer experience that is not only seamless and cost-affordable, but also encourages self-expression and the calling to be impactful and vision-oriented.

Celebrating people for who they uniquely are, and the value they place in this world, sits at the core of what we do.